Introducing Our Fragrances

Orange Zest

Fruit Fusion

Fruit Fusion combines the bold and beautiful essences from a mixture of juicy fruits, providing a noticeably zesty fragrance to your wash that will leave your fabrics tantalisingly revived.

Tropical Burst

Tropical Burst

Tropical Burst is mixture of fruity exotic tones that combine together to offer a relaxing yet fresh, sweet fragrance that is sure to set your mind thinking of those tropical places of wonder. When used with our Tropical Burst laundry liquid you have that same relaxing fruity fragrance deep in to your washed clothes and towels.

Blue Burst

Blue Breeze

Blue Breeze is a clean fresh simple fragrance for those who just love noticeable freshly washed laundry combined with a bright and welcoming scent. When used with our Senses Bio or Non Bio laundry liquids you will feel completely immersed in the breeze.



Senses Pure, naturally fragranced and naturally soft. Both hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, this award winning fabric conditioner will leave a fresh pure cotton aroma to your fabrics whilst being super kind to your skin. Perfect for your young ones when combined with Senses Non Bio laundry liquid

*Please always follow garment and clothing care labels to ensure your clothes are properly cared for in the wash.